“We’re just fans of integrating tech and scaling businesses”

Paul Leto, CEO
Like many technology businesses, we started out by taking care of enterprise IT-infrastructure. It did not take long before we naturally fell into a consultancy role and developed our new offering. There is so much hidden value in the technology world, with near-immediate returns to be had. People starting referring us to their friends and now we're here! Facilitating growth through tech. We love it.

Maintenance and Growth

True Full-Service Technology Partner
We ensure that we can provide the full range of services. This way, you can partner up with us comfortably, knowing we are able to anticipate, respond and manage all IT-related scenarios.
Technology Optimization
What makes us stand out from other service providers is our experience in optimization of businesses. We don't just maintain; our technology and consult helps you grow.

“Exceptional. No other way to describe them.”

Sam Porter, VP of Operations at Organic Essentials
A story about us

We're a team of 5, all seniors in our respective fields.

Aside from the technology we readily understand and implement, we have a sizeable R&D budget to educate ourselves with. This way, we are always on top of - and have experience with - the latest and greatest advances in computing technology.

Something personal about us, is that little is more important to us than the relationship we have with our friends, family and each other. Also, our passion for technology is rooted deep into our lives; our office is filled with fantastic gadgets and efficiency-driving technology.

Our Team

Over 40 combined years in cutting edge technology

Paul Leto
Duncan Idaho
Technical Consultant
Beatrix Steiner
Technical Consultant
Gurney Halleck
Technical Consultant
Garnet Chare
Account Manager

Are you interested in 800% ROI?

Learn why and how our consulting session tends to bring in over 800% ROI.
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