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What it's like to run on our IT


Case Studies

Average time saved per department
With up to 30% in several instances; eliminating the need for additional hires
$6000 p/m
Added profits in a 5-man organization - and increasing!
After 4 months on 'Efficiency and Growth'
Extra leads per month
Due to automated reminders on follow-ups for the sales team
Get an edge with the best tech

We manage and improve on business IT

Leverage our 40 years of combined experience in squeezing the absolute most out of technology. We ensure your data is safe from hacks and hazards, increase efficiency through automation of software and can also manage your IT as a whole.

In our eyes, the way most companies are run is barbaric (truly). The right IT, software integrations and long-term security measures are no longer optional: if your competitors have them, they will work 30% more efficiently than you. Get on it!

This is us
$40 p/h and 60 minutes of your time

IT optimization session

Our senior staff visits your organization
Evaluation of your technology stack; both software and hardware
20 minute conversation to understand your goals
A report is produced that outlines potential cost-savings, efficiency gains and security hazards
Grow your business safer and faster
A half-day IT optimization assessment

Want to grow safer and faster?

= $40
Safe IT, or super-safe IT?

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Our IT-management process in 2 minutes

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